Zara Zimbardo

Rascal Roubos, author the Social Work Master's thesis "Antidotes to White Fragility" reflects with collaborators Zara Zimbardo and Toran Ailisheva of White Noise Collective on the creation of the popular and transformative somatic Antidotes curriculum.

Jennifer Weston and Paul Wood

One Small Step partners Jennifer Weston (56) and Paul Wood (59) discuss the people and events that have most influenced their beliefs, why they are often troubled by people with similar beliefs, and why they are scared about the current...

Lenny Spiegel and Sandy Spiegel Share Stories of Their Life and Work

Sandy and Lenny Spiegel tell about their determination to pursue higher education despite socio-economic challenges. A surprising union - Sandy, a social worker and Lenny, a physicist - met each other in Chicago in the late 1980s and followed their...

Kenneth Sharrock and Leslie Kaplan

One Small Step partners Kenneth Sharrock (60) and Leslie Kaplan (56) talk about religion, ancestry, and the guiding influences of their political beliefs.

Jennifer Kingsby and Rachelle McFeely

One Small Step conversation partners Jennifer Kingsby (49) and Rachelle McFeely (52) share stories and insights from from their respective careers in sports medicine and business management. The two go on to discuss topics such as social work, adjusting to...

David Lafazia & Ann Martin

David began his career in social work at The Mount right out of college. His godmother was on the board and helped his get his job. His family connections to The Mount run deep. His daughters both attended the daycare...

N. Garrett and Adrienne Landgraf

One Small Step partners N. Garrett (51) and Adrienne Landgraf (75) enjoy a conversation where they explore how they came into their political beliefs and act on their values. They find many similarities between them, including work in the juvenile...

Cecilia Herrera and Jorge Minjares

Cecilia “Ceci” Herrera (72) y su nieto, Jorge Minjares (19), conversan sobre su trabajo con Border Servant Corps Airport Project. Ellos también comparten sus perspectivas sobre lo que es realmente importante y cómo podemos ayudar a los demás. [Cecilia “Ceci”...

Dorymar Torres-Rosas and Shayla Garcia

Friends and colleagues Dorymar Torres-Rosas (22) and Shayla Garcia (26) reflect on teaching social-emotional learning during COVID, their work with Paso del Norte Center for Hope, and life in El Paso.

Interview With Grandma Parkinson
December 25, 2022 App Interview

An interview between Natalie Parkinson and her grandmother, Grandma Karen Parkinson. They discuss Karen’s early life and her education. They focus on her work in domestic help services during the later Civil Rights Movement.