Juttana Rimreartwate and Chiraporn Sornphoom

Juttana "Moo" Rimreartwate (57) talks with his friend and colleague, Chiraporn Sornphoom (35), about Isaan food, her family restaurant, and her immigration journey. They discuss how Little Thailand Way has evolved over the years and their hopes for building solidarity...

White Noise Collective reflections: Zara Zimbardo and Toran Ailisheva

Zara Zimbardo and Toran Ailisheva, founders, core members and co-conspirators of the anti-racist organization the White Noise Collective, reflect on a decade plus of community-building, political education, and movement support work.

Kathryn Eastburn and Tom Shepard

Friends Kathryn Eastburn [no age given] and Tom Shepard (54) share a conversation about the ever-evolving values in Colorado Springs and reflect on how they have navigated conservative and anti-gay attitudes in the area. They also talk about the fierce...

Jeroline Jackson and Sinta Storms

Friends and co-activists Jeroline Jackson (30) and Sinta Storms (46) talk about the importance of Black and Asian community collaboration and how their respective identities have shaped their experiences in Philadelphia.

Mark Crain and Hazel Gomez

Hazel Gomez (36) interviews her husband, Mark Crain (33), about his racial identity, his work with Dream of Detroit, and his hopes for his children.

Adam Wilson and Sofya Aptekar
September 5, 2018 App Interview

Adam Wilson and his partner Sofya Aptekar talk about the importance of different unions standing in solidarity with each other, even within the same workplace. Sofya is on the faculty staff union at UMass Boston, and she describes a specific...

“I don’t think we talk enough about how unions connect us.”
September 5, 2018 App Interview

Emily Drabinski, a librarian and organizer at Long Island University (LIU), speaks with her partner Karen Miller, a teacher and organizer LaGuardia Community College (LGCC). Emily and Karen share the lessons they've learned from organizing and being involved with unions.

Sam Adler-Bell and Amanda Novello
September 5, 2018 App Interview

Sam and Amanda are workers and organizers at The Century Foundation (TCF). In this conversation, they talk about how they came to understand unions, why they unionized at TCF after the 2016 election, their bargaining process, and maintaining solidarity after...

Athena Holbrook and Maida Rosenstein
September 5, 2018 App Interview

MoMA employee Athena Holbrook and union organizer Maida Rosenstein speak about their experiences with P.A.S.T.A/MoMA Local 2110 past and present.