Interpersonal interview with my Dad

assignment for speech with professor Pissani’s class. I sat down with my dad and had conversation about life.

Alex and Matt Wilhelm- Father and Son

This is an interview between 20 year old Alex Wilhelm and his father, 48 year old Matt Wilhelm.

Ardoth Hassler-Short and James Short

Spouses Ardoth Hassler-Short [no age given] and James Short (75) share a conversation about how they met and about the more than forty years they have spent together.

Staci Croom-Raley and Shanta Nunn-Baro

Friends Staci Croom-Raley (51) and Shanta Nunn-Baro (52) share a conversation about working together, their children, getting older, and life during the coronavirus pandemic.

Julie Seawright and Ykeya Springer

Julie Seawright (37), interviews her friend Ykeya Springer (30) about her early childhood and the experience of being a mother to a deaf child with sickle-cell anemia.

An Interview With My Father

A interview with my father about his childhood, his adulthood, and his beliefs, with anecdotes along the way.

The Great ThanksGiving Listen 2020

In this recording, I interviewed my father for the Great ThanksGiving Listen of 2020. The interview took place in the family’s living room and lasted around 16 minutes. Ten questions were asked and answered that focused around his past and...