Rhoda Garcia and Candyce Bennett

Rhoda Justice Garcia (72) talks with her friend Candyce Bennett (68) about childhood memories of growing up during the time of the NASA space program, living at Cocoa Beach, near Patrick's Airforce Base, and Satelite Beach.

"Science is very rarely an individual effort. It takes multiple people to get anything done." An Interview with Noah Petro

Noah Petro is a research scientist at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center- which doesn’t seem like much, but it includes being the lab chief of the Planetary Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry Lab at Goddard and being the project scientist...

Amit Acharya and Aditya Srikanth

Amit Acharya(18) connects with Aditya Srikanth(18) on his passions of engineering. However, with a worldly perspective, he expresses his thoughts on immigrant parents, the future of technology, social media psychology, and society as whole.

"It's so fun and such a privilege to be part of this team and see what people can do together" An interview with Lindy Elkins-Tanton

Dr. Elkins-Tanton did not always know she wanted to be a scientist, yet she is now the principal investigator for NASA's Psyche mission and the managing director of the Arizona State University Interplanetary Initiative. Hear her talk about her journey...

Thoughts on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing and It’s Impact

Interview with David and Janet Hazen as they recall where they were on July 20, 1969 (first moon landing) and what it was like growing up in such an interesting era of history. They also talk about some of the...

"We're moving through a period of understanding [other] planets & how they relate to life on Earth." interview with Jim Green by Kim Cartier

Dr. Jim Green has spent 38 years of his life working at NASA. He started there with a fresh Ph.D. in Earth magnetospheric science and helped pioneer the magnetosphere research group at Marshall Space Flight Center. He spent 12 years...