Nancy Moran’s life and immigration to the US

Jenny (16) interviews Nancy (52) (with Jennifer/Chiquis translating from English to Spanish behind the scenes), her nanny growing up, about her life and immigration process to the United States

Final de Español Entrevista

Yo ye go una Entrevista con mi novia sobre su vida y Que Ella quieres ser en el futuro.

Interview with my Grandpa

My grandpa (79) tells me (and my mom) about his life in El Salvador, then in San Francisco. (You may be able to hear my mom whispering in the background at certain points)

New beginnings

My mom, Maria Loyola (40) gives me a run down of how her life was like in Mexico and the adversities she faces in the United States.

Mellissa Stuart and Liz Wessel

Mellissa shares about her calling to help people throughout her life and on her 30 journey as a home health aide and more recently as an Admin Assistant working in home care and hospice. Melissa’s faith is reflected in her...

Sue Dunham and Curtis Dunham

Sue Dunham (83) and her husband Curtis "Curt" Dunham (83) sit down to reflect on their 62 years of marriage. They tell the story of how they met, talk about raising 3 kids, and their boating adventures since retiring.

Heather Barrera and her father Magno Barrera have a conversation about his past experiences as a Peruvian immigrant

In November 2023 in Birmingham, Alabama, Heather Barrera (18) interviews her father Magno Barrera (62) about his childhood and struggles throughout his life. He describes working from an early age in order to accomplish his goals. Towards the end, he...