The Midwest Boy

Speaking with my dad about his childhood.

Andrew Selover and Jimmy Morrissey

Andrew Selover(17) interviewed his grandfather, Jimmy Morrissey(90). The two discussed Jimmy's time serving in the Navy during the Korean War as well as his love of sports. Jimmy also touched on the importance of family after both of his parents...

Vinny Milani: Who Are you?

Today we dive in with Vincent Milani of The Rough Cut Sportscast, and how he became who he is today!

“I Realized How Lucky I Am”

This is an interview with BriAnna Zohner talking about her parents support and early years starting sports.

A Conversation Between a Son and His Father

Robert Kemp interviews his father, Michael Kemp about his life and future. Robert asks about his father’s childhood, his relationships with family, adulthood, fatherhood, and what’s next. In the interview Michael shares familiar stories and some anecdotes Robert was unfamiliar...

Alyssa Fermin and Kenneth Fermin

Listen to Alyssa Fermin (18) and Kenneth Fermin (20) talk about Kenneth’s goals in life, our grandfather, and being kicked by six year olds.

Marcelina talks about her childhood and family growing up in her hometown.

In this interview, conducted in November 2020 in Anaheim, California, Stephanie (16) interviews her mother, Marcelina, about her childhood in Guadalupe Cuautepec, Mexico. She shares stories about her siblings, jobs, school, and traditions. Furthermore, she also talks about her own...

A Conversation With A Die Hard Mets Fan

Me and my father Jeff Denzler discuss how he became and Mets fan and some of his most memorable moments

Talking Life With Gabe Howard

Gave and I had a great conversation about his life revolving around sports, his past, some great advice, and how is outside life is.