Andy Miller and Cheri Miller

Husband and wife Andy Miller (64) and Cheri Miller (66) discuss how they met, their love story, and give advice to couples.

Chris Skildum and Joshua Dix

One Small Step partners Chris Skildum (38) and Joshua Dix (42) talk about their families, capitalism, government regulation in the construction industry, their backgrounds, and how they came to live in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Troy Wright and Madeleine Williams

Troy Wright (52) talks with his daughter Madeleine Williams (28) about their respective life journeys and shared love for music.

Ralph Jarl

Listen in to hear how Ralph has dealt with the loss of his wife and how he’s tried to live since.

Kari Baumil, Mary Ward, and Christie Coursey

Mary Ward (64) speaks with her daughters Kari Baumil (36) and Christie Coursey (39) about her life growing up after a car accident left her with undiagnosed learning disabilities.

Sarah Alfano and Michael Alfano

Spouses, Sarah Alfano (33) and Michael "Mike" Alfano (37), discuss the joys, challenges, and fulfillment that came with navigating their first year of parenthood during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also share their hopes and dreams for their daughter, Siena.

elderly family member interview

My grandma talked about some of her favorite memories.

Benjamin’s Story

Benjamin talks about his experiences as a child, and how certain teachers influenced him. Then, fast forward to 2006, when I was born, he talks about becoming a father and the challenges that came with parenthood. We also discuss the...

Kelly Dozier and Laurie Dozier III

Laurie Dozier III (71) interviews his wife, Kelly Dozier (61), about LeMoyne Arts, where Kelly serves as the Board Lead Director. They discuss Kelly's passion for the work she does, the art center's award winning Chain of Parks Art Festival,...