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Mary Absolon Interview

Mary Absolon, R.N., M.S.N. Visionary Nurse Leader and Mentor Dedicated health policy registered nurse executive with accomplishment advancing quality and equity for Minnesotans through excellence in regulatory systems  Established Mary Absolon Health Policy Research for Nursing Endowed Fund, St....

Pa Yeng Lee Interview

Pa Yeng Lee is a nurse practitioner in the Preoperative Anesthesia Clinic at the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Healthcare System located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has practiced at the VA for four years, since being hired as a new grad in...

Mary Broderick Interview

Mary Broderick has worked with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (CSJ), St. Paul Province, for over 40 years. She joined with Sister Anne Joachim Moore at the founding of St. Mary's Junior College as a nursing professor and...

Tiwonge Chirwa 10-13-23

Tiwonge Chirwa, a recent graduate of St. Kate's Entry Level Masters of Science in Nursing Program, brings a profound commitment to patient care to her new role at Abbott Hospital in Minneapolis. Her journey into healthcare was inspired by her...

Gwen Short Interview

I became a family nurse practitioner in 1995, and before that worked primarily in public health, as both a public health nurse and as a Masters of Public Health (MPH) prepared health educator. I was fortunate to be in the...

Tenzin Lhamo 10-11-2023

Tenzin Lhamo has had a wealth of nursing experience. She attended nursing school in India as an immigrant from Tibet. Her family came to the United States in 2006. Before graduating from St. Catherine University as an Adult-Geriatric Nurse Practitioner...

Rebeca Barroso

Rebeca Barroso was born in Cuba and migrated to the United States with her parents at the age of 13. Rebeca's interest in nursing came through a circuitous route through the late 1960s and early 1970s women's health movement, a...

Lori Winchell 7.28.23

BIOGRAPHY: I was born in Glendale, California in the early 1950’s. I grew up in a small town called Tujunga. I attended a public high school in the late 1960’s during a time of social change. I remember events such...

Mary Lagaard Interview 7-7-2023

BIOGRAPHY: Mary Wotzka Lagaard entered her nursing career through the “back door” of psychology. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Benedict’s College in central MN, but eventually received a nursing degree from the University of Iowa in...