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Kathleen Bray and Louise Feinberg

One Small Step partners Kathleen "Kathy" Bray (74) and Louise Feinberg (79) talk about their experiences as teachers, their children and grandchildren, and the impact that serious injuries have had on their lives.

Emily Taylor and Casey Andra

One Small Step partners Emily Taylor (28) and Casey Andra (48) discuss the challenges of being working mothers and their hopes for the future of our country

Alden Laborde and her mother Jennifer Laborde talk about the differences of growing up and raising your own kids.

In this Interview im November 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, Alden Laborde (17) interviews her mother Jennifer Laborde about her childhood and growing up all the way through raising her own kids. She talks about her different relationships, whether that be...

20 plus Years of Being a Working Mom

I talk with my mom about her experience of being a working mom for over twenty years

A Stay at Home Mom

This is a stay at home mother’s interview.

A Stay at Home Mom

My wife, Zeneida talks a little about being a stay at home mom.