Dina Jackson and John McMichael

One Small Step Conversation partners Dina Jackson [no age given] and John "Wes" McMichael (47) talk about their experiences in the Baptist church, acceptance and understanding of LGBTQIA+ friends and family, and the stereotypes they both have faced.

Discussing Differences with My Mom

My mother and I discuss the differences between growing up in the Midwest and east coast, as well as Rutgers when she was a student and Rutgers now as an alum and current grad student. We also touch upon her...

Jay, GY, and Alex Discuss Stereotypes

Jay and GY, Intensive English Program students from South Korea, discuss stereotypes with Alex, their Language Partner from the U.S. Stereotypes include ones that foreigners have of Korean people and ones they had before coming to the U.S.

Overcoming Stereotypes

Interview finding information about her life

Overcoming Stereotypes

We briefly discussed Erica’s life and her experience with stereotypes.

Overcoming Stereotypes

We discussed a few common stereotypes about people from New Jersey