Sue Katz and Bren Cole

Friends Sue Katz (73) and Bren Cole (36) share a conversation about their friendship, about how they first met, and about the differences of their experiences coming out and navigating their identities given their difference in age.

A conversation with Anthony Blasini

A retired teacher discusses growing up in New York City, coming of Age during the protests of the 60's and the 70's as a gay man in post-Stonewall New York, teaching, traveling, history and the movies.

Dan Belbey in Greenville, SC talks about being a part of the Stonewall Uprising: "You Need to Take a Stand."

Dan Belbey is 74 years old and lives in Greenville, SC with his husband Tom. The couple has been together for 48 years, married for five. Dan talks with Ivy Hill about his involvement in the Stonewall Uprising in New...

Stonewall Interview: John Weldt & Tom Kull 7/10/19

Stonewall 50 interview, with long time Chicago Gay Activist Elder John Weldt.

A Rocky Road to My Pride

A life of change from ostracism and intolerance to being embraced and loved as one’s true self.

Bryan Sullivan #StonewallOutLoud

Bryan and I discussed his young life and coming out, his family and the choices he has made that brought him to this day.