August 18, 2018 app
Stories of Grandpa Dalton

“Do whatever comes along”—Frederick William Dalton. We talk about Helen’s grandfather Dalton; Idahoan, college graduate, socialist, and farmer.

May 26, 2018
Erin tells how she came to have such long hair…

Erin tells the tales of her traumatic childhood hair events that lead to her having such long hair, the changes her hair has under gone, and how she sees hair as a big part of her identity through her photography...

May 20, 2018 app
Rick Noll / Dad

I asked about his lifetime, his stories, his advice to my future self, his regrets and accomplishments.

April 23, 2018 app

My sisters love for media/literature and her opinions about streaming media.

April 16, 2018 app
Interviewing asher

Asher talks about his parents and grandparents stories and what he is most grateful for