January 12, 2018 app
What I’ve Come to Know w/Tom Chamberlain

Tom Chamberlain shares his experiences, stories, and lessons that’s he’s learned throughout life

December 19, 2017 app
People of Granger – Sergio Sanchez

The comparison of the past and what we’ve taken from it to our adult lives

December 12, 2017 app
Novel Wisdom: Rachel DB and Sara Villanueva discuss historical fiction and the novel Between Shades of Gray.

In this recording, students Rachel D-B and Sara Villanueva discussed why to read and love historical fiction novels, the importance of perseverance, and remembering the stories of people whose stories often get forgotten.

December 11, 2017 app
Great Thanksgiving Listen

there were lots of subjects mentioned in this interview mostly about family and life topics.

December 10, 2017 app
Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmother shares people and events that shaped who she is and her life today.

December 6, 2017 app
Emma Mendez Interviews William Lachat to Learn the Emotions, People, and Experiences Shaping the Man Behind the Mustache

On November 24th, at her grandfather’s house in Chicago, Illinois, Emma Mendez interviews William Lachat, husband to his deceased love of his life, Felicia Lachat, father of five daughters, and grandfather to twelve grandchildren. As a son of a biochemical...

December 4, 2017
Interviewing my dad, by Kyurin

I interviewed at my home and my dad was the interviewee. I interviewed my dad about his childhood and how his life looks like in nowadays. I did it in last Saturday which is 11/25. It was my task in...