March 10, 2019
final listening project interview

I sit down with Robert to talk about cars and see how much this car enthusiast mechanic knows.

Farm Life

The two people in the interview are Presley Panaro and Mary Jane Arrington, Mary Jane is Presley’s grandmother. The interview took place at Mary Jane’s House and Presley age is 14. Working on a farm is long, hard work but...

The Great Listen

My grandmother speaks about her childhood and past memories. Even a couple things about myself and out ancestors.

Thanksgiving Project

In summary I have learned much more than I thought I knew about my father. The legacy and responsibilities he would want me to carry on to my children I think would be the same that every family should pass...

September 5, 2018
Afi Yellow-Duke and Hamilton Nolan

Afi and Hamilton talk about the unionization of Gawker Media and the rise of unions in journalism, specifically in digital media spaces. Hamilton also shares his hopes for the future of the labor movement.

September 5, 2018
Adam Wilson and Sofya Aptekar

Adam Wilson and his partner Sofya Aptekar talk about the importance of different unions standing in solidarity with each other, even within the same workplace. Sofya is on the faculty staff union at UMass Boston, and she describes a specific...