The life of Evelyn Brunson

In this interview we dive into the life and struggles of Evelyn Brunson. Evelyn is currently a student at Houston Christian University. She hopes to provide motivation and hope to those like her.

My Grandparents’ Experience in the LA Riots

Please skip to 1:32. I interview my grandparents, Annie Kim (75) and Paul Kim (80), on their experiences immigrating to America and owning a liquor store in South Central LA during the LA Riots. My mom, Julie Kwon, is translating.

Interviewing my Sister

We talked about Race and ethnicity and how it effects not only her but also her community

Jacob Bonnafoux and Bethany Kolb

Jacob Bonnafoux (25) and Dr. Bethany Kolb (57) come together to talk about their non-traditional paths in medical school and finding support in higher education, especially as Bethany endowed a scholarship at the University of New Mexico, which Jacob received....

Eve Tovino and John M. Flaherty

Friends and former coworkers Eve Tovino (47) and Mike Flaherty (55) share a conversation about their work with the Shared Table Food Pantry, their upbringings, and the difficulties people face in the United States.

40 Year Old Grandmother

Jadyn Holt (15) speaks with her aunt Clara Copelin, (41) about her hardship while being a teen mother and a young grandmother.

Kelly Interview

I interviewed my mom for a finals project. She told about her month of struggle between several things.

Historia de Gloria y su tiempo en un pais nuevo

Today we spoke about her story in coming from Mexico to living a new life in the United States. We go in depth about her experience and her families experience.

Climbing the ladder to success as a woman

Interviewer: Abril Diaz de Leon Interviewee: Veronica Jimenez During this interview we gain insight into the life of Veronica Jimenez, a successful woman who is now the director of Fundación Pedro Zaragoza. Jimenez shares with us how she went from...

Interviews with Austin, Brody, and Haley about their experiences as adolescent student-athletes.

Podcast on the experience of student-athletes and how those experiences shaped their identity, social life, and struggles they may have faced along the way.