Coping with Suicide Wasn't in the Job Description.

Jacob Meyer speaks with his sister, Katherine Schaefbauer, a recent college graduate, about her experience working as a Resident Assistant. Join us as we dive headfirst into the difficult subject matter of suicide and how to provide support for those...

A Conversation With My Grandparents on Life, Love, and Loss

At 83 and 87, my grandparents have experienced so much: marriage, divorce, remarriage (to each other again), the suicide of their son, and now a global pandemic.

Sam Rogers and Danielle Rogers

Sam Rogers (34) talks with his wife, Danielle "Dani" Rogers (33), about why he joined the Army, his three tours of Afghanistan, and life as a civilian.

Charles Garrison and Zachary Hansford
July 30, 2020 OSS Hub

Zachary "Wolff" Hansford (35) speaks to his One Small Step conversation partner Charles Garrison (33) about serious traumas they both went through at younger ages. Wolff opens up about not being interested in politics until Trump came along and how...

Midnight Conversations

Talked about Jovanna’s life. Present and past and a little future.