Lisa Snyder and Heather Stocker

Lisa Snyder (69) and One Small Step partner Heather Stocker (48) discuss mental health, autism, and their concerns about their own political parties.

Robynn Reilly and Regina [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Robynn Reilly [no age given] and Regina [No Name Given] (53) talk about faith, racial issues in the US, and the importance of communicating across difference. They reflect on finding opportunities to discover and rebuild their...

Timothy Hunter and Claire Ninde
August 18, 2022 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Timothy "Tim" Hunter (63) and Claire Ninde (57) share life histories, political opinions and things they've learned from family members.

Carmen Marshall & Elbe

Carmen and Elbe met a few months prior at a support group Elbe started for parents of LGBTQ kids in their conservative town. They’re both parents of a transgendered child. Carmen talks about what she has learned and the support...

Talking about collin

We touched on quite a bit of things, most normal but we did hit and talk a little bit about what we call an episode where he was going to commit suicide.

Portia Wofford and Sarah Warren

Friends and colleagues Portia Wofford (34) and Sarah Warren (24) share their experiences as nurses and consider how social media can help with healthcare advocacy.

“Fuck My Mental Health, Right?”

This is an interview that discusses a suicide attempt of a young 18 year old female.