Community health and belonging with Anita Ihuman

Measuring community health reveals challenges people experience in contributing. Anita Ihuman explains how to build awareness and leverage existing solutions for greater belonging in open source. What you measure, you can see and change!

Pura Vida Miami Restaurant Interview

Today Katherine Mesa (20) interviewed Assistant Manager, Isla Gervacio, of Pura Vida health food restaurant in South Miami. They discussed the impact of the establishment in regards to creating accessibility to clean and sustainable food options, and it’s influence on...

Sustainability Analysis – Ball Aerospace

Jenn Perez, a Sustainability Analyst at Ball Aerospace, discusses the importance of working to advocate for sustainable practices on a large company scale, and drive large goals for now and the future.

The critical human infrastructure of open source with Duane O'Brien

Open source is people and people are open source. Duane O'Brien talks about what he's learned about supporting, connecting with, and caring for the critical human infrastructure of open source.

Michael Reynolds and Deborah Binder

Deborah Binder [no age given] interviews her coworker and friend Michael Reynolds (77) about Earthships, legacy, and his perspective on life and the future.

Deborah Binder and Michael Reynolds

Deborah Binder (38) interviews friend and colleague Michael Reynolds (77) about his work designing and building Earthships as well as his outlook on life and humanity. The two reflect on the importance of sustainable housing and its ability to improve...

Nate Misra and Erin Baldwin Discuss Eco-Teams Impact on The Community

In this interview Nate Misra speaks with Erin Baldwin about her eco-teams initiative and the impact it has had on the community. She elaborates on her successful implementation of Lewin's model into a practical use.

Lorna Roush and Patricia Bennett

Patricia "Patty" Bennett (74) and Lorna Roush (48) talk about the agriculture industry, the importance of hearing different perspectives, and their own political views.