Michelle Balistreri

Learning and teaching can go hand and hand. This teachers story shows that

Teaching is a lifestyle

This is an interview about my moms best friend and what she does for a career and how it has impacted her life.

Sitting with an educator

Chanel sat with her mom, and discussed the ins and outs of teaching. There is a stark difference between a teacher and an educator.

Speaking with Mr Thompson

Talking with Thompson about his hopes for the school.

Story Of A Highschool Science Teacher

In this interview I am interviewing my science teacher, Mr. Strass on his time teaching at our school ETA (Eagle Tech Academy). I interview him about his time teaching and what his personal philosophies are concerning teaching.

Interview with Aunt Judy

We talked about mainly her childhood and her favorite memories and stories that took place throughout her life time. My aunt also spoke mainly of the lessons she learned and how she grew as a person through the many things...