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Angelina (teacher)

Reflections on the changing pace of contemporary work - this is one of several interviews recorded as part of Patternmaker, an interactive exhibition at the Workers' Arts & Heritage Center in Hamilton, ON, Canada in 2016 (

Adventure 5 Project Pathway

Interview with my grandmother (Dianne Dowling) to evaluate her hierarchy of needs throughout her life

Aunt Pat’s Interview

E.J. interviewed his Aunt Pat about her childhood. In this interview, they talked about growing up on a farm, going to college, and becoming a teacher.

Collier Dobbs interviews his aunt, Michelle Ward (47), about growing up in a small town in Arkansas and her life today

In this interview, conducted on November 27, 2018 in Little Rock, Arkansas, Collier Dobbs (16) interviews his aunt Michelle Ward (47) about growing up in a small, rural town and how that impacts her currently. Mrs. Ward talks about her...