Interview with Ma part 2

Part 2 of a conversation with my grandmother, who I call Ma. We have always been very close, and I know she loves to talk and tell stories, so was a perfect candidate for this sort of project. We sit...

February 12, 2019 App Interview
Interviewing my Teacher

Interviewing with my teacher at White Station High School. She talks about growing up, teaching at school, and technology in general.

Learning: What Works, What Doesn’t

Me and my aunt discuss her former profession as a teacher. It should be noted that I experienced a strange error with my phone while recording this: at one point it stated that it had stopped recording abruptly, so I...

Interview with my Grandmother

My grandmother and I discuss her life as a teacher and traveller who hailed from Birmingham, Alabama

It wasn’t a fart

Zane Stranc interview his teacher Kyle Schmidt on his life.