Uncle Lou

My Uncle Lou grew up in the 40’s on the South Side of Chicago and was a school teacher for Chicago Public schools. This is a brief account of his childhood and pieces of his career as told by him.

Liam Gebert and Susan Snyder talk about family, tradition and memories.

Liam Gebert (17) and Susan Snyder (54) talk about their heritage, christmas and family. Susan talks of her fathers effect of her life, her hobbies and job today. She talks of how the great depression effected her father. And how...


Margie Engraffia (my mom) digs deep into her life with an interview

Interview with my mother, Janice Streitmatter

This interview is private.

Megan Kilroe Interviews Barbara Benz About Spirituality

Megan Kilroe interviewed Barbara Benz on November 23, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. Megan is a 16 year old girl, and she attends Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School as a junior. Barbara Benz is her great aunt, and she is...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Grandma

In this interview, I spent some time with my grandmother as she discussed her daring mother’s trip from Italy to America, her childhood in the face of poverty, her parents’ influence on her life, her experience in the military, and...

Fiona Biondic interviews Mrs. Therese LeCompte in November 2017 about how past influences have affected her present life

Fiona Biondic (17) interviewed Therese LeCompte, my sophomore Theology teacher, in Chicago Illinois. The main theme of the interview was discovering past influences and how they apply into today and in the future. She discussed the impact religion has had...

A School Media Specialist

This interview is private.

Andrew and Melissa Car Conversations

This interview is private.