The Impact of Teachers

I’m Megan Lockard, age 19, and for this interview I talked with my friend Victoria Sulkala, age 22. In this interview we discussed her experiences as a teacher at a early learning center.

Eva and Mrs. Barr

For this interview, I reached out to my third grade elementary school teacher and was able to catch up with her. We talked about her experience as a teacher and what it was like teaching our class as her last...

Kaya Ilas and Kashmir Blake

Student Kaya Ilas speaks with teacher Kashmir Blake about how dance has followed her throuhout her life and shaped her into the person and teacher that she is today.

Tammy Thomson, 9-2-22

My mom who has been teaching for 32 years gives her advice on the teaching profession and shared a funny teaching experience.

Lara Petitclerc-Stokes and Perry Stokes

Lara Petitclerc-Stokes (52) talks with her husband, Perry Stokes (53), about their early decision not to have children and how it is has benefitted their individual and collective lives.

Linda Carter + Jeff Carter

[Recorded Saturday, June 11, 2022] Linda Carter () and Jeff Carter (Col '92) sit down to record a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Linda shares the influence growing up in a conservative, Christian household has had on her...

Alaska Native storytelling in education

conversation with Krystalynn Scott, math teacher, regarding how she uses culturally responsive practices with her students

American Dream Interview with Bridget Seymour

Interview with Ms. Seymour about her version of the American Dream.