Total Solar Eclipse – April 8th, 2024

A group of friends watching and reacting to the total solar eclipse in Marble Falls, TX. The weather forecast was not looking good for eclipse day, but the clouds held off until just after the eclipse! We were also celebrating...

Abortion Access in Texas After Roe v. Wade

This interview is conducted by 24 year-old Selma Ruhle on her 21 year-old friend and coworker, America Garcia. They discuss America's experience with abortion as well as her opinion on this divisive topic.

Living in Texas

My grandma talks about the prejudice she witnessed while living in Texas.

Eliza Piché and Isabela Barton

[Recorded: Friday, September 22, 2023] Eliza Piché (19) from Austin, TX, and Isabela Barton (19) from Austin, TX participated in this One Small Step conversation as part of their Public Service Pathways 1-credit UNST course at UVA. The pair were...

Memories and Dreams

Clarissa Acosta(15) interviews and questions her cousin, Elizabeth Martinez(17) about her over all life and K-12 experience as a senior in highschool. Clarissa Acosta: 2023-11-08 00:26:47

Ben Iungerich

My name is Jack Warren, and I am a 38 year old Commercial Photography student. I interviewed Ben Iungerich, 21 years old, on the 17th of March, 2023. I met Ben for the interview and to make an environmental portrait...