Interviewing My Grandma About Her Life

In this interview, conducted in November 2023 in Petoskey Michigan, Troy Swadling (16) interviewed his Grandma (70) about her life. She shares what it was like growing up on a farm to her teenage years. Then, she shares some things...

Grandpa talks about his past and childhood in Mexico.

Grandpa talks about his past and childhood in Mexico. How he met his wife, and pastimes when he was younger. Shows a life experience that many growing up in America did not have.

"Don't forget where you come from"

Andrew Moreno (16) interviews his older cousin Christian Moreno (28) about his life. Christian shares some of his most profound accomplishments of his life. Andrew and Christian share some insight on their family and how they are the first generation...

Being Brave Does not Mean to Fight

Yusuf Ayaz (15M) interviews his Grandpa Shahid Khan (63M) in his bedroom in Atlantic City. Yusuf and Shahid talk deeply about Religion & Traditions that they learned over the course of their life. They both show how religion and tradition...

Recording – 11-18-2023 13:48:44

17 year old Annastan Price interviewing her 85 year old Great-Grandma Beverly Price.