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Stories of Being a Paramedic

Scarlet Jackson sits down to talk with her grandma, Sherry, 61. Sherry describes her life as a Paramedic in Lapeer County. She tells stories of CPR, corn, and what happens when you mix the two. But, most importantly, her love...

Do Better Than Me

A deeper look inside the life of Kimberly Campbell, a mother, wife, sister etc. She speaks about her life as a teenager and how her serious relationship distracted her from her goals she wanted to accomplish in life We learn...

Lessons from one generation for the next

A high school teacher reflects on how parenting and teaching are similar and how one prepares you for the other, the best memories from her life, and her hopes for the future of her family.

Judy Dukes #thegreatthanksgivinglisten2019

Judy Dukes does a quick interview on her life and the holidays.