What I learned from my Grandparents

Unfortunately the original interview audio did not save with my Grandparents, but I'll relay here what I learned from them, and what they said that surprised me

Grandmas Life

I talk with my grandma about life in portugal and how she adjusted to life in USA along with her life now


Katherine Devlin (47) interviewed, her mother, Connie Kaiser (79), in Billings, MT. The interview discussed Connie’s childhood, parenting, aging, memory changes and the lessons learned during different stages of Connie’s life.

Interviewing my 4th Grade Teacher

Jedrick Kantala (16) and Ms Grace Nall, previous 4th grade student of elementary teacher. Discussed about education and learning to growing up.

US Hisotry – Oral Interview

Me interviewing my mom about how she grew up, immigration to the US, and historical events that affected her life.

Interview with Stephany Gonzalez and Catarina Juan

On May 14th, I, Stephany Gonzalez (16), interviewed my older cousin, Catarina Juan (20) for my Service Learning Project about Institutional Racism. She talked about the struggles of race and ethnicy she faced when she migrated to the United States...

Jailexie & Kathleen

In our interview Kathleen answers questions about growth, family, and how her life changes and goes through cycles in 7’s. She has taught me alot about how change is okay and natural during any time of our lives. There is...

interviewing my first time period teacher

She told me How she grow up, and what life was like at that time, She was a good student, and She is the best teacher ever.