Growing Up
September 27, 2023 App Interview

This is a conversation between Owen Elmer and his father Raymond Elmer. Seated in their house, they discuss Raymond’s life as a child and how that shaped him into the person he is today.

Life Interview

My name is Abigail Posadas and I interviewed Jasmin on her life. She talked about her struggles and her plans after highschool.

The life of Evelyn Brunson

In this interview we dive into the life and struggles of Evelyn Brunson. Evelyn is currently a student at Houston Christian University. She hopes to provide motivation and hope to those like her.

Parenting With My Mother

In this interview my mom, Misty McGowan, sheds life on her experiences with parenting and how I was throughout the years growing up. She highlights the best moments as well as the struggles within the journey of raising me to...

Facts About My Dad

17 year old Cheyenne Erlandson interviews her father 52 year old Scott Erlandson. Scott grew up 20 minutes away from Boston in the 80’s, MA where he was raised mostly by his grandfather. Scott grew up in hopes of becoming...

Recording – 08-13-2023 21:05:36 Growing Up

My name is Kaleigh, I am 22 years old and I decided to interview my boyfriend Jacob who is 24 years old. I wanted to hear some more of what it was like growing up in a small town in...

Maya and Baak: Alpha and Omega

Siblings Maya and Baak are the eldest and youngest of 4. They talk about some of their shared experiences with living in the same home in different eras.

A Childhood of Love

This is a conversation between Teronica Smith (40) and David Hunt (57). This was a conversation about David's upbringing in a single parent home in North Tulsa during the 60's

Growing up as 1 of 7 kids

Brenda Sue Ledbetter-Marquez talks about her experience of growing up as one of the oldest of 7 siblings in the 1950s.

What I learned from my Grandparents

Unfortunately the original interview audio did not save with my Grandparents, but I'll relay here what I learned from them, and what they said that surprised me