Hana Maddox and Reed Greger- 12/06/2023

12/6/2023 I, Hana Maddox (she/her), 19, interview Reed Greger (he/they), 20, a gay member of the Lincoln community on his experience and stories of finding his identity in a world designed for him to hide it and what it means...

Emily Hall and Cole Kleiman

[Recorded: Monday, September 11th, 2023] Emily and Cole have a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Emily is a Second Year at the University of Virginia from Wise, Virginia. Cole is also a Second Year at UVA from Needham,...

Aidan Key & Bentley Fox

Aidan shared stories with Bentley about his 25+ years of work in gender advocacy and gender diversity, who works with him on the Providence PFAC (Patient Family Advisory Council) board. Aidan wants people to know why this work is so...

Jenn Burleton & Bentley Fox

Jenn talks about being of woman of transgender experience who also identifies as lesbian. Jenn is an advocate for the transgender community and a member of the Providence's PFAC (Patient Family Advisory Council) helping to make changes in healthcare for...

Holly Campbell-Polivka & Bentley Fox

Holly talks about being an advocate for her trans son and how that led her to bedoming a member of several PFAC (Patient Family Advisory Council) groups before she found one at the Institute for Human Caring that was advocating...

Carmen Marshall & Bentley Fox

Carmen opened up with Bentley about a negative experience she had when she took her trans son to seek healthcare. Wanting to ensure that never happened again, Carmen became an advocate for her son's healthcare along with others who needed...

White Noise Collective reflections: Jay Tzvia Helfand and Alex Marterre Part 1 of 2

Jay Tzvia Helfand and Alex Marterre, a core member and co-conspirator respectively, of the anti-racist organization the White Noise Collective, reflect on a decade plus of community-building, political education, and movement support work. This is Part 1 of 2 interviews.

Petra Hellthaler and David Garrett

One Small Step partners Petra Hellthaler (79) and David Garrett (76) discuss finding a path out of poverty, their differing views on abortion, and acknowledging accomplishments of presidents they didn't vote for.

Manuel Lopez and Jason Wood

One Small Step partners Manuel Lopez (38) and Jason Wood (43) discuss immigration, transgender children, and cultural differences around mental health.

Carrie Russell and Leslie Rubio

One Small Step conversation partners Carrie Russell (60) and Leslie Rubio (62) discuss about politics.