Donald Wallace and Kim Wallace

Donald Wallace (75) shares a conversation with his wife, Kim Wallace (65), about his experiences recovering from a traumatic brain injury. They remember the day of the incident, and the journey of Donald's rehabilitation.

My Bike Accident

My struggles mentally and physically after my bike accident

Matthew Gutman

Matthew Gutman tells his story about his life living with a learning disabilities. He shares his struggles, and also his accomplishments. Although not on tape, Matthew also shared his love of cars and he carries two toy cars with him...

Winston Dunn

Winston Dunn tells his story about life after 27 operations on a brain tumor when he was 10. Now, 31 years later, Winston wishes to someday continue learning how to be a mechanic, and to one day be able to...

Ashly Gonzales

Ashly Gonzales (right) tells her story of being a caregiver for her husband, Manuel Rivera, whom had an accident at work which resulted in a case of epilepsy. She speaks of the struggles of taking care of a loved one...

From being poor to helping the poor, the life of Oday Salim

This interview reflects on a person who used to be poor but now helps the poor. He is an accomplished environmental lawyer. He worked very hard for the job and still works hard. He fights for rights in the environment....

Overcoming odds

in the face of Obstacles; how a young woman overcame the odds through resilience and perseverance.