Story Corps Interview Project

My mom describes why she adopted me from China and the challenges I faced from being in an orphanage affecting my development as an infant.

Remembering a Surprising Birth

I ask my wife to recall her experience giving birth two months early and what triggers memories of that experience.

Interview with Mom

In this interview, my mom and I talked about her life growing up, and she shared some of her favorite and hardest memories, and how those things changed her outlook on life. We also talked about her life as a...

Dianna Willis and Judy Willis

Mother and daughter duo, Judy Willis [no age given] and Dianna Willis (50), discuss their mutual love for the outdoors, camping and hiking. The two also share their individual experiences surviving near fatal accidents.

Lea Zikmund and Lisa Coffey

Lisa Coffey [no age given] tells StoryCorps facilitator and conversation partner Lea Zikmund (23) her experience surviving Hurricane Betsy and how the lessons learned from that event relate to the COVID-19 crisis.

Gregory Parker and Regina McCarthy

Gregory Parker (35) interviews his mother, Regina McCarthy (71), about the influential people in her life, adversity, and her hopes for future generations of her family.

In This Together

From the worst times in my life to the happiest, here are some things to know about me and my life.