My Interview With My Dad

In this interview, I learned more about my dads life. Such as things that I never new before about him, and where he has been in his life! I find it so cool and how I have never been so...

Aidan Gray and Robert Bell

Aidan Gray (16) interviews his grandfather Robert Bell (77) about his experiences as a father, grandfather, and scientist after contracting polio as young child.

The Trip of A Lifetime

Susan Martins (77) talks with a friend, Catherine Grella (21) about her travels to Italy and Israel in her early 20s, which she considers the highlight of her entire life.

Norah and Leah’s Great Titan Listen

Norah and Leah had a conversation about their goals in their life, and what impact traveling had had on them.

Sherrie Wallace and Shelia Grimes

Sisters Sherrie Wallace (52) and Shelia Grimes (66) share memories from their childhood and reflect on how their relationship has strengthened and developed.

Pam Calary and Joan Schatzman

[Recorded: Thursday, March 17, 2022] Pam Calary (59) and Joan Schatzman (70) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. They share their journeys of coming to Charlottesville, and bond over their mutual profession of running guest-houses in the...

Sue Hartwick and Connie Meyer

Best friends Connie Meyer (61) and Sue Hartwick (62) share their childhood memories growing up in the Sixties, especially their families and experiences at school, discuss their individual career paths, and reminisce about their friendship.

Tal Sims and Roger Godwin

One Small Step partners Tal Sims (56) and Roger Godwin [no age given] discuss their experiences abroad and how it affects their view of the United States government and politics. Tal talks about his experience in the US Navy and...

Sarah’s life so far

Touching on where she came from, the joy her family gives her, and what she’s thankful for.