Celebrating 21 years: Love, COVID and Cancer

We discussed the beginning of our relationship 21 years ago and where we have come since then, including since Will's diagnosis of level 4 glioblastoma 13 months ago.

To the Beautiful Land

Yifei Lou traveled to America to study pastry making at the Culinary Institute of America. But then her time here was changed by covid and wild fires and protests, andfor us we were able to see America in these times...

White Water Breaks the Stone

John Friedrich (56) talks with his friend Bob Alpern (92) talks about two trips to Europe to protest the deployment of U.S. missiles in Europe, including a three day block of the Mutlangen Air Force Base in southern Germany. There,...

English Project

My dad's experience growing up in the 1980s, his favorite sports, pets, and experiences as an engineer.

Judith Squires Sconyers and Jacob Sconyers

Jacob Sconyers (41) interviews his mother, Judith "Judy" Sconyers (76), about her adventures and the reasons why she decided to take him traveling instead of having him join school sports.

Bob meets McCarolyn.

Bob Alpern talks of locking eyes with a woman with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, at a talk he delivered at the Unitarian Universalist fellowship in Santa Rosa, California,That led to McCarolyn joining Bob in Washington, DC, with an...

Hannah Mitchell and Arlene El-Amin

One Small Step conversation partners Hannah Mitchell [no age given] and Arlene El-Amin [no age given] discuss growing up in Montreal and Chicago. They also discuss their Unitarian and Muslim beliefs and the ways that their beliefs are similar.

Robin Stein and Hanni Myers

Robin Stein (67) interviews her friend Hanni Myers (90) about her experiences growing up in Austria during the second World War, her family's escape to the states, and her experiences learning, traveling, and building intergenerational relationships in the U.S. and...