Daniel Ireland's stories of traveling the world and immigrating to the U.S.A.

While growing up in New Port, England Daniel Ireland(40) decide at about 8 years old that he wanted to immigrate to the U.S.A, but before that, he wanted to travel the world and complete his college education. In this interview,...

The Importance of Exploring the World

I was lucky enough to interview Charlie about his many days spent traveling around the world. He talks about important lessons he learned and some of his favorite memories that he still holds close to his heart to this day....

Mariel Day and her father, Timothy Day, talks about some of the interesting adventures her father has had throughout his life.

Mariel Day (18) talks with his father, Timothy Day (67) about his hitchhiking adventures around Europe and snippets about his experience in the navy.

Delva Vasquez Chavez and Justin Chavez

Justin Chavez (40) has a conversation with his mother, Delva Vasquez Chavez (73), about her family background, upbringing, life in Belize, travel stories, and love for family members.

Brianna Griffin and Nathan Esau

One Small Step partners Brianna Griffin (27) and Nathan Esau (62) talk about growing up in Kansas, politics, and their respective careers.

Mark Ralph MacKay, Brian Reynolds MacKay, and Kathryn Leilanbi MacKay

Siblings Mark Ralph MacKay (65), Brian Reynolds MacKay (73), and Kathryn Leilanbi MacKay (75) come together to remember and honor their father, Dr. Calvin Reynolds MacKay. They also talk about and share childhood memories.

Interview with my mom

Me and my mom going on a trip down memory lane.

Spanish Final

We talked about why she wanted to become a teacher, travel, etc.