Nel Steffens, Victoria Steffens, and Steven Steffens

Nel Steffens (70) talks with her husband, Steven Steffens (69), and their daughter, Victoria Steffens (32), about their experience of COVID-19 and their memories of family travels.

Roger Eagan and Courtney Gilbert

Roger Eagan (72) shares personal insights and stories about his life with his conversation partner and StoryCorps Facilitator, Courtney Gilbert (29).

Cheryl Telford and Alicia Assini

Cheryl Telford (71) and her niece Alicia Assini (35) discuss their close relationship and bond.

Sage McHenry and Susan Holm

Sage McHenry (14) ask her Grandmother, Susan Holm (75), about her favorite travel memories and locations

sociology interview

I interviewed my dad about his life in brazil and how he came over to Americans and his experiences.

Interview Regarding Life Perspectives

In this interview, I was able to ask questions regarding certain life perspectives and see what different views a friend had that may or may not be similar to myself.