One Of My Mother’s Favorite Memories

I sat down and spoke with my mother about one of her favorite memories.

The World's Out There, Which Ever Part Of It You Want To Be In.

Elaine Turner Lamb talks with her colleague, Cristi Hebert about creating her own sense of home, especially in light of her life traveling, and recreating a home again and again, and especially the importance of story.

Summers in the Adirondacks, Importance of Marriage, Family, & Faith with Jacquelyn Beale and Jonathan Beale

Jacquelyn Beale (85) shares memories and insights with her grandson, Jonathan Beale (26) of summers going up to visit cousins in the Adirondacks, traveling, legacy, kindness, a happy marriage, family, and advice for future generations.

My short interview with Grandpa Art Fitzner

We talked of many parts of his life, with a surprise visit from granddaughter Emily. Also some great singing!

Mass media

An interview with my father Jason

tales of migration

we talked about how her experience of coming to the us and how was living in us.

John Scott and Ann Scott

John Scott (52) interviews his mother, Ann Scott (80), about her early childhood and the dreams she accomplished. He also answers questions she was curious to ask him.

Andrea Garcia & Rosa Velasquez

This interview was about me asking my mother some questions about her childhood, her journey coming here to America and other topics.