Nicolette Nordin Heavey and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Nicolette Nordin Heavey was born Detroit, but spent the majority of her childhood in Belgium and England. After attending college in America, she moved to Andover to raise her family. Wanting to help contribute to...

John Hess and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: John Hess shares his story growing up in West Virginia, where his family valued traveling and spending time with relatives. After going to graduate school at Cornell, he moved to Andover with his family. He...

My Grandpa as a Pastor

Eleazar Guillén is a pasto who is 77 years old and was interviewed by his granddaughter Cristina Guillén who is 18 years old. This story is about how Eleazar grew up in faith and how that had an impact on...

Tamika Braveheart and Alex Muirhead

[Recorded: January 6, 2023] Tamika (44) and Alex (37) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Tamika is a healthcare professional who shares a love for outdoor activities and an appreciation for traveling, particularly as it applied to...

Viajando con mama

Yamelin (16) talks with her mom (45) about her experience and thoughts in the United States. They talk about the past containing jobs and responsibilities.

First interview with my mom talking about growing up in the navy
December 22, 2022 App Interview

Nancy Holst, age 84, interviewed by Stephen Holst, her youngest son, age 47. Mom talked about growing up and traveling around the world in the navy because her father, Walter, was a chaplain.

Zach Willbankd Interveiw
December 13, 2022 App Interview

Zach Willbanks (18) interviewing friend Micheal Mooney (19) about growing up and enjoyment of life.

Entrevista a Maria Nova (hondureña) desde la ciudad de Nueva York

En está entrevista estuvimos hablando sobre la historia de inmigración de Maria nova (20, Honduras) y como fue el proceso de adaptación en este nuevo país con la barrera de idioma y el cambio cultural

I-80 Highway Transportation

a brief podcast on why the highway from Cheyenne to Evanston Wyoming should implement a travel train from each point.