“It’s always been the two of us”

John Scott (77) and his wife Marilynn Scott (83) talk about their exciting life together. Mr. Scott talks fondly about his career working for AT&T and remembers memories from when he was in the navy.

Granddaughter talks to her PawPaw about his childhood and memories
December 20, 2021 App Interview

This interview is just me and my Pawpaw talking about his life. His regrets, his childhood who he loved what he hoped for and what and how things have changed and how he feel his life was and is now.

From a small town to the big city..

Konstantin revisits memories of his first time traveling to the United States

Kelly & Jesse's Interview- Traveling India and Life Through Covid

Kelly asks Jesse about his pilgrimage to India he took after college, and how it has impacted his life. Jesse then talks to Kelly about her life through Covid and how it brought her family closer together.

interviewing my sister!

this interview is about me and my sister experience and memories growing up.

Captain of Orange County Sheriffs Department

This interview is private.

Interview with Mom

What life was like in Korea after the Korean War. Along with how emigrating to the U.S. was.