Steven Walkley and Sarah Forsman – talking about Life After Successful Treatment of a Genetic Brain Disease

Steven Walkley: 2022-12-02 16:34:32 The story we are recording today is about rare disease. It is a remarkable story about a very special individual who was born with an ultra-rare genetic brain disease that should have been both neurologically debilitating...

Lymon Sanderson and Robert McCord

Best friends Lymon Sanderson (51) and Robert McCord (56) share a conversation about their experiences with addiction, homelessness, recovery, and finding homes. They also discuss the roles family, friendship, and God play in their lives.

Microbio 160 Cancer Interview (Aditya Singh interviews Teammate Trace Trant)

In this interview, I interview my teammate Trace Trant who’s mom was affected Hodkin’s Lymphoma and all the experiences he was affected by.

Experiences of alcohol intervention for minorities from a professional psychologist

Dr. Craig Field talks about his work in intervention and treatment of alcohol abusers, and the ways minority's are disproportionately treated by society.

Treatment of depression and mental health

History of depression overtime and mental health

The Life and Wisdom of Diana Prinz

Diana tells her life story, speaking of family, addiction and recovery, incarceration and reentry, challenges and resilience, and shares words of wisdom gained through hard-fought experience.