PB & J

Through the interview I sat down with a current BHSU student. We dive into questions about life, each other, and careers.

Sheri Mischke and Lee Abbott

Lee Abbott (41) and his aunt Sheri Mischke (57) reflect on reconnecting after 25 years apart.

Interviewing my mom

My moms interview was fun and full of good stories. She gave me a good glimpse into her past and her thoughts

A Seat at the Table: A Mother’s Story

During this interview, I asked my mother about her experiences growing up as a child, she elaborates on the abuse she endured and how that has helped her develop into the person she it today. We then discuss how she...

Dad and Me

Life moments, biggest regrets, wisdom.

Dana Mann-Chipkin and Jamie Michelle Loynes

Dana Mann-Chipkin (57) and Michelle Loynes [no age given] discuss their spiritual beliefs, practices and why Yuma Arizona is such a special place for both.

Gail Ingram and Daron Harris

Gail Ingram, 72, and Daron Harris, 45, discuss their work together at the Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth, and Reconciliation. They talk about their hopes and fears for the future, both in their personal lives and in Selma.

Person whose impacted my education

This interview consisted of a lot of raw emotion and real thoughts. It got very deep and personal and we got to see a lot of Garett’s outlook on life and how he views things and approaches things