Interview with grandmother
November 26, 2022 App Interview

Barbara Whitehead talks about her life. She talks about growing up, her family life, and her experiences. She talks about her 75 years of living and how she got everything she wanted for herself and other people.

Linda Carter + Jeff Carter

[Recorded Saturday, June 11, 2022] Linda Carter () and Jeff Carter (Col '92) sit down to record a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Linda shares the influence growing up in a conservative, Christian household has had on her...

Suzan Martinez-Bigelow and Margaret Marty

One Small Step partners Suzan Martinez-Bigelow (69) and Margaret Marty (55) talk about the importance of honesty in the political sphere and reflect on their hopes for overcoming increasing division.

One Final Question with Kimberly

Can the legal system go "too far" in the pursuit of truth?

Grandma Interview!!

we talked about recollections of her life such as her favorite memories and some advice she has learned throughout her life.

Alicia Jackson and Pep Conley

Significant others, Alicia Jackson (49) and Pep Conley (54), share a conversation about the lessons they have learned in life, trust, honesty, relationships, and about their lives growing up.

Monica Whatley and Bandele [no name given]

Monica Whatley (32) interviews her friend, Bandele [no name given] (73), about his incarceration in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Bandele reflects on what he learned during the 33 years during which he was detained, his relationship...

Emily Rushing and Fred Bennett

One Small Step partners, Emily Rushing (70) and Fred Bennett (76) discuss the changing landscape of news, media literacy, social issues, and being Christians who value diversity and racial reconciliation.

PB & J

Through the interview I sat down with a current BHSU student. We dive into questions about life, each other, and careers.