Robert Surface, Marcella Kubalsky, & Briana Chestnut

Robert is on hospice with the Providence Hospice LA County program for the unhoused. Robert spent most of his life living on the streets of the South Bay area of Southern California. He spoke with his intake nurse, Briana and...

Twila Davis Bird and Raquelle Bird Johnson

Raquelle Bird Johnson (52) interviews her mother, Twila Davis Bird (75), about her life, experiences, contribution to church, fellowship, and memories of her late husband, Richard E. Bird. They also talk about hereditary paraganglioma-pheochromocytoma.

Brenna Monahan and Vicki Castleman

Vicki Castleman (56) sat down with her friend and coworker Brenna Monahan (39) to discuss their experiences with breast cancer and how that has impacted their lives.

Julisa Voinche and Rob Gilroy

Julisa Voinche (61) speaks to her fiance Rob Gilroy (55) about her long journey with chronic pain due to adhesions, how it's impacted their relationship and inspired Julisa to give back.


Part 2/2. This is a summary of my mother’s journey through parenthood and a throw back to her childhood