He’s talking about his childhood experience and what someone means to him.

Grandpa and I Interviewed

Me and my grandpa discussed good memories during this interview. I knew so much learning from his childhood that I didn’t know.


We discussed about important people from two different perspectives. We also talked about school choices.

Kc thanksgiving story

Love life, religion, growing up in school, etc

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My Grandmother talks about her childhood in Guyana, her work experience and accomplishments in both Canada and the U.S. and her beliefs.

Interview with my brother

This interview is on my brother. We talked about about his childhood, the lessons he wished he could’ve gave to his younger and the career he’s passionate about.

Mommy and Me

My mom and I talk about where she grew up and her life here in Los Angeles after immigrating from Mexico.

Me and my step father

I’m sorry if I sounded like I wanted to cry half of the time but because I kinda did