Interview with Emma McNamara
February 1, 2022 App Interview

Joined with her dad who answered 7 questions. A mix of childhood, stories, school, jobs, and adulthood questions.

family members interview

my uncle Howard just came back from China, and is willing to share his story.

My interview with my great uncle

This interview was based on life and aging questions from my great uncle.

Question of life

Having some question of yourself and have you understand

APB Brayan Alonso and Salustiana Alonso

Talked about my mom’s history and about one of my uncles who had passed away.

Uncle Brain Interview

This is a interview with my uncle. We had a lot of laughs about many different stories about his childhood and adulthood.

Talks with Tio

We talked about my Uncle’s life in Venezuela and how he sees his future.

Linda Watley Norris and Pearl Watley Mitchell

Sisters, Linda Watley Norris (73) and Pearl Watley Mitchell (78), describe what it was like growing up in Columbus, GA, reminisce about the fun times they had as children, and remember family members who have passed away.