9/11 Interview

Today I have a talk with my dad, Peter Klug about his whereabouts and personal connection during 9/11. During this interview, we talk about the personal impact 9/11 had on him and how 9/11 has affected America today.

Conversation with Lidieth Hart

A conversation between Ricardo Mendoza (25) and Lidieth Hart (70) about how society views women from birth to old age. She shares her experiences with me and talks of how she feels about life as a woman. Lidieth describes how...

Loving America

Niece interviews her Aunt about her birth country Venezuela and about “the melting pot” in Venezuela and in the US, and her gratefulness for this country (US).

My Aunt journey on becoming a US citizen

Kevin Antaran (17) interviews her aunt, Elenita Zapata (56) about her journey becoming a US citizen. She talks about how it changed her from moving from the Philippines to the United States.

La historia de mi mamá

My name is Elvis Cruz I am 18 and I interviewed my mom and she is 40 years old. we talked about how she immigrated here and the struggles she faced. We also talked about how it was being in...

Story of Immigration

Story of my mom’s experiences in Mexico as well as moving to the U.S

Mac McMullin's Life in the 60s

Arden Kong: 2023-04-13 00:39:20 Arden Kong(16) interviewing her grandpa, Mac McMullin(70), about the Vietnam War and life in the 1960's.

A Comparative Look at the Indian Education System

An interview with Dr. Meera Chatterjee on the Indian education system, its strengths and weaknesses, and gender equity.

Lawrence Elmgren and Amarilis Gonzalez

Amarilis (83) talks with her grandson, Lawrence Elmgren (15) about her childhood in Cuba, Fidel Castro coming into power, moving to Spain with two children and her husband, moving to the United States as an immigrant, and raising a family...