Interview with Rudy Pendleton 02/11/24

Interviewer(daughter): Lily Nicole Pendleton(age 17) Interviewed(father): Rudy Johny Pendleton(age 45) We spoke about Rudy’s past, upbringing, and religion playing into how he was raised and how he raised his own children.

Growing Up in the Sun City

My dad, Jimmy Schwartz, and I, Anna Schwartz, talk about his upbringing in the border town of El Paso, Texas, his rich family history, unusual upbringing, and favorite memories of his childhood in the Sun City.

You can dream, you can try, you can fail, but it will get done.

Keylli Palmerin, 16, and her mom, Mary Cruz Vega, 35, talk about Mary's upbringing and goals she wishes to accomplish.

Vivian Gibson and Delilah Righter

Vivian Gibson (74) tells Delilah Righter (25) about her childhood growing up in the Mill Creek Valley neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri, reflecting on the neighborhood’s disappearance due to urban renewal.

Ashley Choker and Melody Woods

Ashley Choker (38) interviews her colleague, Melody Woods (43), about her upbringing, her experience as a troubled teen struggling with substance abuse and the law, and her eventual recovery. Note: This recording has in-depth descriptions of substance abuse and domestic...

Graeme Manning and Stewart Manning

Father and son Graeme Manning (63) and Stewart Manning (24) share a conversation about their family, their relationship, and their upbringings. The two also share stories from each of their childhoods and reflect on the opportunities they have had, particularly...

Interview with Mama

I, Cristina Valdes aged 18, interviewed my mother, Olga Perez aged 52. In this interview we discussed Mama’s upbringing and her story of how she made it to the US from Cuba. We also discussed family dynamics of the past...

Eve Tovino and John M. Flaherty

Friends and former coworkers Eve Tovino (47) and Mike Flaherty (55) share a conversation about their work with the Shared Table Food Pantry, their upbringings, and the difficulties people face in the United States.

Interpersonal Interview – Kaylie Aguila

This was an interpersonal interview between the host (Kaylie Aguila, 20) and her boyfriend (David Lee, 21). Some topics that were of interest was family, and upbringing.