Experiences in the service With National Gaurd Veteran

This a interview with my father who, was in the military service as a Army National Guards Man.

Kylie Stutzman Interviewing Lucas Wheeler

Kylie Stutzman, age 18, interviewing Lucas Wheeler, age 27. Lucas is Kylie's father's coworker. They are talking briefly about his family and focusing on the time he served in the military.

Curt Weaver, Vietnam vet, and his experience in the Navy.

Curtis Weaver, a 77 year old E5 Vietnam Veteran, discusses his time in the Navy from 1965-1972. Notably, he assisted in salvage after the USS Frank E. Evans collision. Interview includes personal anecdotes, comments, and descriptions of his life and...

Untold Stories of Vietnam

Vietnam War Veteran Kenneth L Strohm Jr. (77) and his grandson Connor Hanula (17) discuss stories of the Vietnam War. From entering college to assimilating back into American society after the war, this interview captures the story of Kenneth L...

Recording – 06-25-2023 13:42:50

Thane Walkup (51 years old) interviews his father (79 years old) about how he ended up in Army Intelligence and was ordered to spy on American citizens in violation of posse comitatus, the consequences of his refusal to follow the...


My name is Bode Janusiewicz, I am 17 years old and go to Nicolet High School. My interviewee is my father, Chris Janusiewicz who is 53 years old. Our topic of discussion was my dad’s involvement in the Afghanistan And...

Korean War

Arnold Wells (88) discusses his experience in the Korean War at only 17 years old.