What was your first big trip?

June Geyer describes her first big trip out of Baltimore when she and her husband when to NYC together.

Chelsea Niemann and Allison Oberempt

One Small Step Conversation partners Allison "AJ" Oberempt (61) and Chelsea Niemann (31) share a conversation about their upbringings, their political values, and their families.

Brady Sih speaks to his mom, Gerimae Sih, about raising him and his older brother Bryant and sailing with Ping (her husband)

Brady Sih (52) talks with his mom, Gerimae Sih (77) about how she met his dad, Ping, and how they raised him and his older brother Bryant and got into sailing: 2022-10-30 15:56:14

Lawrence "Larry" Allen Byrd Jr., Connie Bruere Olson Byrd, and Lawrence "Allen" Byrd III

Lawrence "Allen" Byrd lll (46) has a conversation with his mother and father, Connie Bruere Olson Byrd (77) and Lawrence "Larry" Allen Byrd, Jr., about their relationship, family memories, travel experiences, and connection to their children.

Suzanne Sheppard and Kerry Britt

Kerry Britt (58) interviews fellow home school parent and teacher, Suzanne Sheppard (51) about requirements, differences, and stereotypes in the home school communities in Georgia and Alabama.