Storytelling Assignment (Ethan Donaldson)

I interviewed my cousin who works in the video game industry for my speech class.

Todd Bennett and Skylar Cohen

Todd Bennett (44) and his caretaker, Skylar Cohen (27), share a conversation about Todd's adoptive family, his experience living with spina bifida, his perspective on love and loss, and the life lessons that he has learned along the way.

Toby Kroll interviews his sister, Luca

Toby (16) interviews his sister Luca (16), he asks both some personal questions and some lighthearted questions, but either way, Luca was a great sport for letting him do this. In the interview, they talk about childhood, video games, etc....

Jon Sousa and Peter Young

One Small Step conversation partners Jon Sousa (30) and Peter Young (52) talk about politics and their love of Dungeons & Dragons.

My brother life

Esta es algo de la vida de mi hermano

My Life in the Pandemic

I talked about what happened in my life. I also talked about what I do during the pandemic

New York to Old York: Interview with a ‘69er

This is an interview by 20 year old Darlene Johnson with her 51 year old dad, Kevin Taylor, about what life was like back then from a media and technological standpoint.