Are video games responsible for child violence?

We talked about child violence and the negative aspects of video games in kids today.

Do Video Games Encourage Child Violence?

This interview was on my girlfriend Grace’s opinion on violent video games and the effect on children.

Do video games cause childhood violence?

I brought my mother on to talk about video games and violence and micro transactions.

Video Games at Age 15

This interview is about Chance’s opinions on video games. From when he was younger, to the present times and even what he thinks may happen in the future, he explains what he thinks about video games-his hobby at 15 years...

Do You Think Playing Violent Video Games Makes People More Violent in Real Life?

I spoke with my friend Nigel Andrews briefly on whether or not today’s video games are promoting violence

Personal Experiences with Videogame Violence

On 11/30/2018 I interviewed Kyle Parent on his thoughts of the link between video games and violence in youth.