Honor Flight Connecticut May 2023 – Honoring Connecticut's Veterans from World War II, Korea and Vietnam

I followed military veterans from Connecticut on their Honor Flight to the capitol and followed them as they visited the war memorials and reminisced about those conflicts, their involvement in them and their lost friends

From Ho Chi Minh City to San Diego: Stories from a Child of Communism (1971-1993)

Hear first-hand accounts of bombings and war while growing up under communism, as well as a comparison between today's life in Saigon and communist life in Ho Chi Minh City. Trang Dinh (52) talks with her son, Andy Hoang (16),...

Mr. Meyers’ Interview

Jim Meyers, interviewed by Josie Breland, talking about protesting the Vietnam War and about other conflicts of 1968.

Learning More About My Dad: Our Family’s Legacy

Natalie Francis (age 20), conducted an interview of her father. John Francis (age 56) was her choice for this particular project because of wanting to learn more about her father/his life. We talked about everything from his childhood/adolescence, his teenage...

Suesann Pommerenke Life in Japan

Suesan Pomeranke was born in 1937 and lived in Japan from 1963-1968. We talk about what it was like to grow up in a small town in Minnesota during the Cold War and then live in Japan during the Vietnam...