Julie Peck and William (Bill) Lynch

Julie Peck 72 and Bill Lynch 75 discussed the development of Bill's social justice philosophy from a Quaker high school, through law school at U of Chicago, becoming a conscientious objector after ROTC, teaching in a changing school system.

Carolyn Cleary and Kevin Cleary

Carolyn Cleary: 2020-08-21 18:41:03 Carolyn Cleary (56) and her brother Kevin Cleary (68) discuss an episode in Kevin's life that Carolyn knew little about. He was a young anti-war activist in the early 1970s and was arrested for praying for...

My amazing Dad

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview my 83 year old dad.

Fraser Rasmussen and Marit Nierman

Fraser Rasmussen (77) shares stories with his daughter, Marit Nierman (47), on how he chooses to live his life as a peace activist after growing up in Richland, Washington, a site that was heavily involved in creating the bomb that...

Rich and Christina

school in the 1951 in Chicago private school; 1963 high school. Working in Chicago at the CTA and getting drafted for Korea 1965 May.

Roger Stigers

Roger Stigers is a retired realtor and veteran from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He has two children, Jenny and Jake Stigers. He has two grandchildren, Gunnar and Anna Bosking.

Papa Stories

I asked my papa about his childhood and the lessons he’s learned.

John Friedrich interviews Bob Alpern, Part 3

John Friedrich (55) interviews Bob Alpern (92) about his anti-Vietnam War activism, including a meeting with then Secretary of State Dean Rusk, and protesting with Dick Gregory, Candice Bergen, Benjamin Spock, and Carl Hess. Bob talks about visiting India, where...