Interview Project

We talked about my grandmother’s childhood and major historical events that happened during her life time.

My interview with my dad
May 23, 2022 App Interview

My dad talking about growing up as a kid, when my grandpa was sat war.

Eli Conklin interviews his grandfather, Philip Harrison, about his life in the South and historic events he remembers.

In this interview, conducted in May 2022 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Eli Conklin (17) interviews his grandfather Philip Harrison (67) about his childhood in Garner, North Carolina, and his memories of historic events in the 1960s. Rev. Harrison shares his memories...

Interview with Donna Scheffler

I sat down with my grandmother to talk about her experiences of historical events

Hannah Roquemore EOY Interview / The Vietnam War

A history of my mother's process of immigration from Vietnam to America as well as her experience with the rise of communism in Vietnam.

My Mother’s Journey

I interview my mother about her journey from Vietnam to America

Leaving Vietnam

I interviewed my father about what life was like in Vietnam and how and why he escaped.