John Hess and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: John Hess shares his story growing up in West Virginia, where his family valued traveling and spending time with relatives. After going to graduate school at Cornell, he moved to Andover with his family. He...

Debra Dowdy and Caitlin McCarthy

One Small Step conversation partners Debra Dowdy (69) and Caitlin McCarthy (70) build a conversation on the incredible amount they discover they have in common with each other. Connecting as nurses, they talk about their similar political upbringings, politicians not...

Angie Macon and Kevin Alarcon

Angie Macon [no age given] speaks with new acquaintance and conversation partner Kevin Alarcon (25) about her experience living in Decatur, Georgia and working as the executive director of Decatur Arts Alliance.

Gabriela Cadena and Mark Dubay

Colleagues Gabriela Cadena [no age given] and Mark Dubay (51) discuss their volunteer work in San Antonio, Texas. They reflect on small businesses strengthening the community, tips for event planning, and the vitality of San Antonio's Southside neighborhood.

Why Leonie Batkin volunteers for the Villages
December 10, 2022 App Interview

Leonie volunteers for the Villages of San Mateo County to give back after her experience caring for her mother.