Kate Alpin and Franchesca Peña

Franchesca Peña [no age given] interviews new acquaintance and conversation partner Kate McAlpin (40) about her work as the executive director at the Woodlands Garden in Decatur, Georgia.

Marvina Hooper and C V

Friends Marvina Hooper (65) and C V (43) talk about their faith and the nonprofit organization Marvina started called Casa David. They talk about the work they are doing to support people in need in Honduras and Guatemala.

Carrie Kilpatrick-White, Christi Crowley and Therese Lewandowski

Christi and Carrie share about some of the tender, joyful, healing moments of Camp Erin to provide a safe and loving place for children who have lost a loved one to be with other children and teens who are also...

Shawanda Jackson and Kendall Jamison

Friends and coworkers Shawanda Jackson (28) and Kendall Jameson (31) share a conversation about their experiences as youth participants, now staff, of Thread and the importance of youth education.

Kenneth Best and Carla Bruni

Kenneth "Ken" Best (63) and his friend, Carla Bruni (42), talk about Community Glue Workshop, a free monthly repair clinic in Chicago. Carla is one of the co-founders and Ken is a volunteer fixer.