Marianne Gray discusses growing up, life experiences, and her experience as a Waldorf Teacher with her former student, Aria Nelli.

Marianne Gray (61) and Aria Nelli (16) discuss Marianne's career as a Waldorf Teacher and stories about her life. Marianne's says "through doing good in the moment and by doing my best in each moment and forgiving myself and picking...

Valerie Leksich and Aria Nelli discuss Valerie's journey from communist Hungary to her life in the United States.

Valerie Leksich (74) talks with Aria Nelli (14) about her experiences as a child refugee to the U.S. from Hungary during communist rule and about her life in the U.S. and in the Waldorf community. When l asked Valerie what...

Interview #1 – Laura Richwood Waldorf Journey started in 2007

After her 14-year journey the heartfelt story of how Laura Richwood found the school of her dreams for her daughter. She describes Waldorf Education as teaching students how to be human beings and find their purpose in life.

Pioneer Parent Amy Reuben

We met outdoors for our interview because our school is bursting at the seams! Amy shared her experiences as a founding Waldorf parent and her thoughts on how she meshes her Judaism with Waldorf education.

Valuing community.

Brianna Bass, who attended the Detroit Waldorf School for early childhood through the 3rd grades, talks with her class teacher, Melanie Reiser

Zoe & Claire: Waldorf School of New Orleans Alumnae & BFFs

Best friends from the age of two - hear about their 11 year journey through Waldorf education: “I feel like Waldorf taught you things, but in a deeper way. You really learned something from multiple perspectives. You learned about it,...