interveiw with Vietnam vet

this is a interview with my grandpa who is a Vietnam veterinarian. I talk with him about his traumas and what his job in the military was. He tells a few story’s that are heart breaking.


My name is Yejun Sohn. I am 16 years old and today I interviewed my father. we discussed about his indirect/direct experience on the topic of the Korean War

Vietnam war

My grandpa was a single dad during the Vietnam war, i asked him about his thought on the war, and how it affected his life.

Josh Marchant Vietnam War interview with his grandfather, Randy Marchant

Randy Marchant is my grandpa, he was born in 1945. Topics such as his time in college, the draft process, and his stories are talked about.

Desiree Jarrard & Paul Newland

Desiree Jarrard (36) talks with her cousin Paul Newland (39) about his military experience and how it affects his life currently.

Dana Sassine Interviews her mom in Canton Michigan

15 year old Dana Sassine interviews her mom about her life and why she came to the U.S. We spoke about the hardships of coming to the U.S. and the most surprising things.

we are related to Benjamin Franklin

I interviewed my grandma Diana Buuck and I learned, that me and my grandma are distantly related to Benjamin Franklin. I learned that both sides of her family has relitives that fought in the revolutionary war.