My Dad’s Experience During the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

My dad reflects on what it was like when the Soviet Union Invaded his home country, Afghanistan, in 1979. He was 9 years old when Russian tanks rolled into his city, and his family was forced to flee their country.

The Experience of One Chinese American Immigrant

In this interview, Brandon Guo interviews his immigrant mother Sian She regarding her life experiences. Beginning with growing up in China and being taught by her staunchly anti-communist father and transitioning to her experiences and recollections in the US, this...

Assef’s interview

It was a character from the book answering questions.

Interview with Col. Chris Faber by Tristan Silva II

Mr. Faber and I discuss from his time at WesPoint all the way through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and conclude by looking towards the future.

My cousin Mike Krapels, U.S Army Veteran

Brief interview with my cousin about his service in the military, and how it affected him and then lessons he learned and wished to pass on to those aspiring to serve.