My partner and I are talking about the results of 2008 presidential election and how it was effective.

A New Face in the White House

My partner and I discussed about the presidency of Barack Obama and how it affected the world.

Iraq war interview

Questions about his time in Iraq and thoughts about the war

The Vietnam War

Interviewing my grandmother about her experience growing up in the era of the Vietnam War

Destiny His1050

I asked my mom some questions about what it was like during the Iraq war for her.

First Hand account and interview of World Trade Center Attacks(09/11/2001)

Interviewing my father on his firsthand account of what he experienced during the 9/11 terrorist attacks

Watergate Scandal

interview with my grandma about watergate. she gave great information and opinions.

Great Recession Interview

We talked about the Great Recession and how it affected the U.S.